Mission, Vision, and Motto

Mission and Vision

Langdon Elementary School’s mission and vision are to support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care, to be relentless, and to graduate prepared loving self, while making an impact on our changing world.


Today is another opportunity for me to learn.

I will make Langdon core values my daily concern.

I will not settle for anything less than the best.

My motivation and perseverance will make me shine above the rest.

There are endless possibilities to what I can be!

The world better get ready for that next leader.

Who’s that next leader?

That leader is ME!!!‚Äč

Langdon’s Priority Rocks
  • High engagement builds life-long learners
  • Data Analysis builds high achievement
  • Strong Relationships build community

August: Respect I am respectful of others and of property.
September: Hard Work I take pride in being a hard worker.
October: Responsibility I take responsibility for what I am supposed to do.
November: Risk Taker I will be brave in facing life’s challenges.
December: Cooperation I will cooperate with those around me.
January: Self-Control I will control my actions and words.
February: Empathy Concern for others, tolerance, and forgiveness; I will show concern and tolerance for all people.
March: Integrity I will be an honest person.
April: Fairness I show fairness to those with whom I come in contact.
May: Self-Respect, I have self-respect.
June: All Values

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