The History of Langdon Elementary School

The area where Langdon Elementary School stands today is one of historical note. 


Originally, the land was deeded to the Queens family in the 17th century, and the family maintained a Catholic chapel in the home. During the 17th and 18th century, people worshipping in the Catholic faith were mandated to worship privately, and the Queens Chapel became a meeting house and place of worship for many area families. The Queens Chapel is especially notable for being burned in three wars: Revolutionary War, War of 1812 when the British marched through to burn the Capitol, and, for the final time, during the Civil War. The road, alongside this property, was aptly named Queens Chapel Road, which still exists in many parts in Washington, DC and in Maryland. Later, while the name Queens was not to leave the area, the Baker family began to own and homestead property in this DC neighborhood. The Baker family named the local park after property held in England – Langdon Park. In 1866, Ms. Baker donated land for a two-room school house, named Queens Chapel School, where our current parking lot now stands making the school address: 20th and Franklin Streets, NE.

Early 1900s
By 1920, though the schoolhouse was considered a firetrap, a new school building was proposed using the new name: Langdon School (after the local area park). Albert Harris, an area architect designed a new school building that would allow for the growth of population but would allow the school to begin at a smaller scale. The model was to construct the bridge of the H pattern for administration and then build wings to form either an H or an U as classrooms were needed. This type of school building was unique and many other schools in Washington, DC were modeled after Langdon Elementary. By 1926, the school was designed, and the building began in 1928. The school was completed in 1930, and students attended this colonial-style, modern-designed building with the new address of 20th and Evarts Street, NE.

Mid to Late 1900s
During the period from 1954-1960, the school consisted of 17 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, teachers' room, the principal's office, health examination room, kitchen, secretary's office, an auditorium, custodial office, and a playground.

In 1960, it became necessary to add an additional classroom wing, which was built on a portion of the playground. Although the addition increased the number of classrooms to twenty-five), the playground became inadequate for the number of students in the building. A portion of the kitchen was used as a library.

In 1968, demountable structures were constructed on another part of the playground, making the playground area even smaller. A request for more classroom space resulted in the addition of two wings in 1972 providing open space learning facilities.

The installation of air conditioning, carpeting, and bright furnishings enhanced the environment. A choice of contained classrooms or Open Space learning centers provided satisfactory outlets for individual adjustments. There was a larger play area, which contained basketball courts, a track, a softball field, and a park area. This area was enlarged with land purchased from the Lutheran Home.

Early 2000s to Now
During the summer of 1997, the Langdon and Woodridge Elementary Schools were consolidated. As a result of this merger, many renovations took place. Two of the open spaced centers were re-modeled and eight self-contained classrooms were developed. The east wing of the building was re-modeled to accommodate the new Montessori Educational Program. In addition, our boiler room was renovated and six heating/air- conditioning roof units were replaced. The school grounds were landscaped in an effort to meet the needs of the increased student population. During the spring of 1997, our address finally was changed to 1900 Evarts Street, N. E. as a part of modernization and due to a postal service mandate.

In 2000, Langdon became a Values Centered School implementing a viable Values Count… Character Counts Program. We are proud of the background of this school and will cherish these memories as we continue to strive for excellence with each individual student who passes through these doors.

In 2004, Langdon became a U.S. Department of Education Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School.

In 2007, Langdon was recognized as a Title I Distinguished School of Excellence.

In 2009, Langdon became a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) School.

In 2010, Langdon’s playground was completely upgraded to include an official size basketball court, the field was re-designed and enlarged to include an irrigation system and an outdoor classroom and the black tops were refurbished including new soft turf.

In 2012-2013, Landon Education Campus achieved Montessori Recognition Status. In 2013, Langdon’s Early Childhood Café and Middle School Café was set into motion, along with Auditorium repairs and renovations changed the cultural flavor of our school in anticipation of 1st Phase Modernization in 2014-2017.

Between 2013-2014, Marshall Elementary School was closed and consolidated into the Langdon Education Campus. Between 2014-2015, Phase I Modernization of the school building was on-going, beginning with the Early Childhood classrooms, Intermediate Grades 4 & 5, and Special Subject Classrooms. An elevator was installed as well as a chair-lift to make our building ADA compliant and 100% handicapped acceptable. Ultimately, 90% Modernization was completed August 2016. In June 2015, Langdon Education Campus transitioned to Langdon Elementary School when Brookland Middle School opened.

Today, Langdon Elementary School proudly serves students from early childhood programs through the 5th grade.‚Äč
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